Manually Collected Traffic Data

Collectively, Americans spend nearly 4.2 billion hours sitting in backups. Improve travel time reliability by progressively moving vehicles through green lights.

While large-scale construction projects and regular events can be anticipated, determining their impact on traffic conditions can be extremely difficult.

InSync developed by Rhythm Engineering Lenexa, Kansas combines a strategy of global and local crossroads optimization methodology to improve arterial progression while reducing side street and left turn delay. Or perhaps the road is so congested that you have to wait three or more full light cycles before you can make a left turn.

Next, traffic data is evaluated and signal timing improvements are developed. Other disruptions, such as crashes, are impossible for time-of-day signal timing to accommodate.

Less unnecessary delays and traffic moves quickly and smoothly. lame Mid-Atlantic Technical Support - Charles Kimbrough Mid-Atlantic Office Manager - Lori Daniels Poor traffic signal timing contributes to traffic congestion and delay. They account for more than 10 percent of all traffic delay and congestion on major routes alone.

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